Qui a dit que la musique allemande était dépourvue d'exotisme? Schlachthofbronx sont là pour vous prouver le contraire en offrant 2 (exclusive!!) tracks à la sauce... pardon, à la crème "Fidget-Kuduro" bavaroise. Schlachthofbronx ce n'est pas qu'un nom imprononçable pour ceux qui ont choisi Espagnol en LV2 au collège, c'est aussi 3 Munichois qui jouent régulièrement aux côtés de Buraka Som Sistema, South Rakkas Crew, Santogold, Radioclit ou encore DJ Manaïa notamment lors de leurs soirées "hypiehypie" qu'ils organisent chaque mois dans la capitale bavaroise.

"we joined in the end of 2007/start of 2008 for this schlachthofbronx project. one of us is a member of a big munich-based dancehall soundsystem, one has a background as a drummer in various german bands, and there's one guy, me, who was just a normal dj before.

In the end we make songs n tracks for playing it in our dj-sets, so its mostly about the party/dancing/shouting/make some noise -thing. therefore we let us be inspired by all the different aspects of dancemusic from the whole world, we are really into kuduro, miami bass, bootybass, baile funk, dancehall, electro, dubstep and recently also cumbia and uk funky (love it..:!)...

In munich, we run a monthly partyseries since septembre 2008 called "hypiehypie" with former guests radioclit, sweat x, the bavarian alliance and boy 8bit, dj manaia (lisbon), niyi (london), and next guests pirate soundsystem and south rakkas - so far. it takes place in the rote sonne club which has one of the biggest soundsystems in town (a thing we really enjoy and see as important, at least for our kind of music...)

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