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Dev79 est une des figure de Philadelphie, il est avec Starkey à l'origine de labels, radio show et soirées telles que Slit Jockey, Seclusiasis (ne pas passer à côté des séries Street Bass Anthems!) Straigth Dope. Il nous a envoyé dans notre dropbox ce mix il y a déjà quelques semaines et on ne pouvait pas le garder indéfiniment pour nous! (en fait on a honteusement pas regardé notre dropbox depuis un moment: désolé!)

"this is sumthin i sat on from a few weeks ago and then i mastered it and typed out the tracklist the other day…it runs the gamut of a lot of bass heavy music with a lil dominance towards bassline house. theres some loose parts but ya know its fun n all that…
not a best of the year or anything like that but most of these tracks are def tunes that i was feelin in my sets a lot throughout 08…
so yeah check that shit out. tell people about it. dance around the house to it. fuck ya significant other (or trash bag ho) to it. smoke a blunt n sit back on it. ya know whatever u need to do to get down."


sister nancy - bam bam (unknown dubstep remix)
sukh knight - cop killer
kotchy - one for the money (bd1982 remix)
dz - regulate
rusko - woo ha
b. rich - everyday hustle (ac slater remix)
dev79 - in ya face
curses - what i need (sharkslayer remix)
dr. cryptic - so i’m telling you
anything but monday - buckwild (jon buccieri mix)
yozzi b - heavy man march
ironik - i wanna be your man (agent x remix)
schooly d - pussy ain’t nothin (egyptrixx dirty dicks remix)
damaged goods - yo righteous (a1 bassline remix)
dev79 - grain seen
el carnicero ft. warrior queen - next kingdom (dev79 remix)
mr. vegas - heads high (garage mix)
trc ft. z.o. - 141
caliber ft. kaylee - the end
raffertie - wobble horror
wine-o vs. loefah - squincy jones nintendub
shawty lo vs. timeblind - lets decay it (dev79 blend)
robin thicke - got 2 be down (starkey remix)
frisco ft. skepta & flow dan - back wid a bang
fuda guy - merkury
nasty jack - streets on lock

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